Houston Compensation for Personal Injury: A Guide to the Process

It’s important to understand the compensation system in Houston if you have suffered an injury. Accidents, injuries and slip and fall cases all come under the umbrella of personal injury. The compensation process in personal injury attorney houston cases is explained below:

Economic damages: These are financial losses due to an injury. These include medical bills, damages to your property, wage loss, and future expenses. An attorney who specializes in personal injury will be able to help you determine these costs, and then fight for full compensation.

Non-Economic Losses: Intangible losses include pain, suffering, distress emotional, and loss in quality of life. Although these damages are difficult to quantify, a Houston personal injury attorney can evaluate their value and obtain appropriate compensation.

Punitive Damages – In certain cases punitive compensation may be awarded in order to punish a party who has committed a reckless act or acted intentionally. Your personal injury attorney will decide if the case is eligible for punitive compensation and help you obtain it if they are applicable.

Legal fees: Most Houston injury lawyers work under a contingency-fee basis. It means that they will only be paid if your case is successful. A percentage of the settlement is usually their fee. It is important that you have a lawyer who will work hard to get the maximum compensation for your case.

Houston is no different than the rest of Texas in that it has time limits for personal injury claims. You have generally two years to bring a claim after the accident. To ensure that you don’t miss this deadline, it is important to speak with an injury attorney as soon as possible.

Texas uses a modified version of the comparative fault principle. Compensation can be reduced proportionally to the level of your fault if you were partially responsible for an injury. Experienced personal injury lawyers will protect and minimize the allegations of joint fault, while protecting your rights to fair compensation.

With the right legal counsel, it is possible to navigate a complicated process of recovering compensation after a Houston injury. An experienced personal injury attorney will protect your rights and help you to receive the compensation due.