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Beauty has been valued by society for centuries. In literature, beauty is often associated with a hero, while uglyness represents an antagonist. Beauty was a name that people of all races and cultures became familiar with – whether it be foot binding in China or dangerously constricted corsets during Victorian times. Or nose jobs as early as 800 B.C. India. Plastic surgery is not new. It has existed since antiquity, but it was only in recent years that the public began to accept this procedure. Continue?

The desire to be like the ideal of society has always been there. Irish immigrants to New York in the 19th century got “English noses” so they could become Americans. In society, the ideal appearance is determined by the group that dominates. Pop culture is full of plastic surgery. The American public sees images of celebrities who have undergone cosmetic surgery. Two women examining Rembrandt’s self-portrait in a Mike Williams comic say: “You would think that if Rembrandt had been so successful, he might have fixed his nose.” It is an example of the belief of our society that success is dependent on being attractive. Rembrandt was a famous artist but in this cartoon, the women are criticizing his looks and not his ability to create. In our society, appearance is valued over talent.

Plastic surgery can make people feel better. Plastic surgery can improve the quality of your life and self-confidence. However, the results on the longer term effects are not clear.

The studies indicate that the majority of patients are satisfied with their results and feel better about themselves. Women who underwent reduction mammoplasty were most likely to benefit. The domains that showed improvement were “self-worth”, “self-esteem”, “stress and shyness”, and “quality” of life.

Banks now offer cosmetic surgery loans. It’s fascinating to consider whether beauty value will decrease as plastic surgery becomes mainstream.

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